What is ATA iSpec 2300?

The purpose of this specification is to provide a concise set of information standards and guidelines for the management, configuration and interchange of flight operations technical data. This Specification is focused on a data-centric approach, addressing the airplane operator's current and planned future operational / business requirements of these data. A corner stone of this specification is that these data are stored once, reusable without rework, and the interchange mechanisms will be non-proprietary, software / hardware independent, integrity checked, secure and self-verifying.

This specification is designed to enable the cost-effective and efficient exchange of digital data between information providers and information users for Flight Operations. The primary goals, features and objectives are:

  • Exchange of information based on non-proprietary standards
  • A standard architecture that is data-centric as opposed to document-centric, and relies on modular, reusable components
  • Information from multiple manufacturers is received by operators in a single, consistent manner
  • Facilitate identification of changes to the data

  • Facilitate modification or re-authoring of information

  • Separate presentation of information from the content of the information, enabling output to multiple formats
  • Enable identification of information based on its applicability to specific aircraft or fleets
  • Facilitate re-use of content for different audiences, e.g., Crew Use During Flight, In-House Training, Engineering, Computer-Based Training (CBT)