Journals and Books

WebX Systems' UltraXML™ XML publishing system supports the creation and PDF publishing of complex, long and multi volumes documents including Scientific, Technical, Medical books, commercial catalogues, journals and guides.

UltraXML™ is a fully featured WYSIWYG Unicode enabled multilingual XML authoring and publishing system with an integrated high end composition and pagination engine that utilises XSLT technology to enable the formatting and publishing of XML data to PDF.

UltraXML™ has advanced support for:

  • Assisted XML authoring provides automatic creation of elements in accordance with the DTD rules.
  • Complex tables including CALS.
  • Multiple level of running headers and footnotes.
  • Automatic numbering of pages, paragraphs, chapters, figures, captions ...etc.
  • Automatic creation of Table of Contents and indices.
  • Comprehensive typographical and typesetting controls for character/word spacing, kerning, hyphenation levels and many others.
  • Comprehensive support for image and vector graphics including JPEG, TIFF, CGM and SVG.
  • Comprehensive page and frame level formatting including multiple master pages, multiple uneven columns, column balancing, vertical justification and more.
  • Custom functionality and batch processing with the built in scripting language and macro commands.
  • Support for standard and customized DTD and XSLT