UltraIETP is an advanced Interactive Electronic Technical Publications viewer for ASD S1000D and ATA iSpec 2200 documents.

The UltraIETP viewer component for the UltraPortal document delivery and management system provides interactive online or offline viewing of IETP-X zip packages on multiple devices.


  • Enables viewing of Interactive Electronic Technical Publications on multiple devices and platforms.

  • Supports both online and offline viewing as standard with differential data synchronization.

  • Adds comprehensive IETP builder functionality for IETP-X packages.

  • Supports ASD S1000D Issue 1.8 to 5.0 and ATA iSpec 2200 data.

  • Supports viewing of SVG/CGM/PDF/Video/Audio/Intelligent 3D Graphics and Animations without the use of plug-ins.

  • Dynamic applicability filtering with support for ACT/PCT and CCT Data Modules.

  • Private and public annotations, bookmarks and view history.

  • Table of contents (Publication modules) with multiple language support.

  • Printing of data modules.

  • Hyper linking between data modules and external technical publications.

  • Process data module support.

  • Multi-touch enabled.

  • User modifiable stylesheets.


  • Hotspot support with highlighting of selected hotspots in CGM illustrations.

  • Multiple sheet figure navigation (current sheet indicator, sheet drop-down menu).

  • Separates figure and 3D models display from the main text content.

  • Magnify part of a figure, pan drawing, zoom in/out, zoom to specified area of the image, zoom to the entire image, rotate illustrations.

  • Image redline and commenting (retrieve redlines, submit redlines, callout, simple line, circle, compound lines, text, line size, text size, delete). Does not modify the original image.

  • Print / save illustration.

  • Integrated SVG/CGM viewing without use of plug-ins.


  • Comprehensive embedded search engine.

  • Text search, XPATH search, search snippet generation, Boolean search, grouped Boolean search, wildcards search, term boosting search, proximity ranges search, fuzzy searching etc.

  • Highlights search results in output display.

  • Browse through search results and search within results list.

  • Navigate through highlighted search results in a document.

System Integration Support

  • Integrates with the UltraPortal management and delivery system and the UltraCSDB Server creation system for complete end-to-end solution.

  • Send standard IETP-X deliverables directly from the UltraCSDB interface to UltraPortal Server for automatic controlled delivery to end users.

  • Create and send S1000D comments back to UltraCSDB for approval and initiation of project change drivers.

  • User login, user roles, audit trails / logs and security management handled through UltraPortal.

  • Integrates with existing corporate portal systems.