WebX Systems training courses cover a the entire range of its software applications and the technology, and standards of XML, ASD S1000D and ATA iSpec 2200. The training courses are customised to meet the needs of its customers and can be held either customers site or at WebX Systems' training venue.


WebX offers a hands-on training course in all aspects of the Extensible Markup Language (XML). This courses provide the basis for creating XML contents for on-line and publishing systems. The course cover the basic components from statement declaration, elements and attributes through to DTDs/Schemas and Namespaces.

    Course Contents:

  • Create XML Documents
  • Create DTDs and Schemas
  • Validate XML Documents against DTDs/Schemas.
  • Convert to SGML, XML HTML and XHTML encoding
  • Use XSL to transform XML documents and create different types of output


WebX Systems S1000D training course provides the customer with the knowledge and skills to use UltraCSDB S1000D software and deliver complete S1000D compliant project.

    Course Contents:

  • Creating S1000D Projects
  • The Standard Numbering System (SNS)
  • Information Codes
  • Business Rules (BREX)/Schematron
  • Applicability
  • Data Module Grid
  • Creating Data Module Requirement List (DMRL)
  • Assets
  • Importing Data: DDN & Batch Import
  • Exporting Data: DDN, Assets, attachments
  • Workflow: Project Management, Check out, Check-in, Review, Attachments etc.
  • Publishing: Create Publication Modules, Authoring Publication Module, Publishing IETP-X, Publishing XML Books