What is ASD S2000M?

Specification 2000M (S2000M) originally defined the Material Management processes and procedures to be used in support of aircraft and other aerospace airborne and ground equipment supplied to Military Customers. However, with Issue 4.0, it has been revised to include the business processes and data requirements applicable to any military Product. Although this Specification is designed for military Product support, it may nevertheless be used for the support of any non-military Product.

S2000M is organized into chapters which are designed to stand alone for ease of understanding as well as ease of implementation. However, where subjects are common to more than one chapter, these have been assigned to Appendices which have to be read in conjunction with the related chapter.

The nature of the project using S2000M will determine the range of deliverables that are required and hence the depth to which the S2000M procedures need to be employed. As well as the opportunity for users to employ individual chapters independently, the S2000M also provides a "light" version of the procedures which are described in the appropriate sections of chapter 6.

S2000M Chapters

Chapter 1A - Provisioning:

The process of selecting support items and spares, necessary for the support of all categories of military Products. This chapter defines the process and specifies the data, formats and transmission procedures to be used in providing provisioning information to the Customer. It also provides the data base from which Illustrated Parts Catalogues (IPC) are produced. The rules for the production and presentation of the IPC in different media are covered by Specification 1000D (S1000D), IPC is identical to IPDP (Illustrated Parts Data Publication).

Chapter 1B - NATO Codification:

NATO Codification covers the processes and information flow between Industry, the National Codification Bureaux and the Customer for all activities related to Codification. However, S2000M can be applied without using NATO codification.


The Spare Parts List allows the Customer and Contractor to process parts data (including commercial data elements) to allow for the processes as described in Chapters 2 to 4 and Sections 6-2, 6-3 and 6-4 of this Specification without the necessity to use processes as described in Chapters 1A and 1B of this Specification.

Chapter 2 Procurement Planning:

This chapter defines methods for Industry to provide updated information on parts offered for sale and for the quotation process, wherever it is applicable.

Chapter 3 - Order Administration:

Order Administration covers the process of order placement, and the flow of information concerning the progress of orders and deliveries. It also embraces the process of requesting that information.

Chapter 4 Invoicing:

Invoicing provides a standard process of transmitting invoice data from Industry to Customer, in a manner designed to simplify and expedite that activity.

Chapter 5 - Repair Administration:

Removed from the Spec.

Chapter 6 - S2000M Light:

This Chapter provides guidance on how to operate "light" S2000M procedures covering the essential business processes, whilst still operating to the principles described in the "full" S2000M (Chapters 1 to 4).