UltraXML is a fully featured WYSIWYG multilingual XML authoring and publishing system. UltraXML has an integrated high end composition and pagination engine that utilises XSLT technology to enable the formatting and publishing of XML data to PDF, Postscript, hard copies and others.

  • Advanced XML to PDF publishing.

  • Unsurpassed typographical control and precision.

  • High speed formatting of long and complex XML documents.

  • Integrates with UltraCSDB for automated print production.

  • WYSIWYG authoring of complex XML structured data and stylesheets.

  • Available in Desktop and Server versions.

Dynamic & Automated XML Publishing

Dynamic & automated WYSIWYG XML publishing system with an integrated print engine. Powerful, scalable solution for automated or interactive production of complex long documents.

Multiple Specifications Supported

  • Integrated ASD S1000D

    UltraXML has support for WYSIWYG authoring, formatting and publishing of S1000D technical documentation. Stylesheets are available for the standard S1000D XML Book format and all S1000D data modules document types.

  • Integrated ATA iSpec 2200

    Support for intuitive WYSIWYG authoring, formatting and publishing of ATA iSpec 2200 Component Maintenance Manual (CMM) and Service Bulletin DTDs. UltraXML provides complete formatting of ATA iSpec 2200 documents.

  • JSP 182 (AESP and BR)

    UltraXML automates formatting of AESP, BR and JSP 182 legacy documentation. Front matter, table of contents, list of figures, paragraphs and tables, headers and footers are automtically formatted according to the industry specifications.

Detailed Features

    High End Publishing

  • A complete range of professional typographic, XML element and text level settings including, keep with next, widow and orphan control, character and word spacing, kerning, user defined ligature replacement, multiple hyphenation levels and many others.

  • Comprehensive page and frame level layout including dynamic master pages, multiple uneven columns, right to left document and columns, column balancing, multiple methods of vertical justification and more.

  • Long and complex document support including automatic generation of table of contents, indexing, referencing, multiple levels of footnotes, side notes and running headers.

  • Complex tables, including table breaks across columns and pages with repeating headers.

  • Automatic numbering including; page, paragraph, chapter, outline styles and many others.

  • Conditional formatting rules including the ability to process formatting based on over 100 system and document settings and variables such as current page, column number, line number in column or on page etc.

  • Custom functionality and batch processing with the built in script language and macro commands using internal or external command programs.

  • Unicode at the core with support for Unicode text, element and reference tag names. Supports UTF-8, UTF-16 or ISO-8859-1 encoded text.

  • Fast and efficient. Over 100 pages of typical S1000D content can formatted in under 5 seconds.

    XML Authoring and Styling

  • ActiveXSL enables XSL scripts to be performed on the fly while editing in real time.

  • VisualDTD; Integrated DTD editor, allowing users to quickly create or edit an XML DTD that conforms to the World Wide Consortiums definition.

  • Automatic, real time, well formed and validation checking for XML data with a simple to use correction tool when errors are found.

  • Assisted XML markup, provides automatic analysis of the DTD grammar and displays a list of possible valid XML elements which can be inserted at any point in the XML data.

  • Integrated ActiveXSL technology that allows you to use XSLT code as real time style definitions.

  • Easy to use WYSIWYG visual stylesheet development system. Change the stylesheets when and as required without the need to refer to the supplier or breaking any copyrights.

  • Produce the exact format required for each customer based on business rules.

  • Use XSLT snapshots to create multiple views and formatting layouts for your XML data.

  • Import and export of XML and SGML.

  • Support for 45+ graphic formats including CGM, TIFF, PNG, SVG, JPG etc.

  • Fully ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English standard compliant and a sophisticated checker that interactively shows how to improve your text.


UltraXML supports SGML by seamless automatic conversion to XML on the fly when importing the SGML file. (A catalog file is used to map the SGML DTD Public ID to the location of the actual SGML DTD.) Once imported into UltraXML, editing and formatting then proceeds on the converted XML file. SGML can then be exported from UltraXML, which automatically converts the XML back into SGML format, making sure all EMPTY declared tags are converted back to open tag SGML format and appending the original SGML header information.

A number of globally definable options are available to assist in the conversion of SGML to XML, which can be set via a dialog box or through a system macro.

UltraXML provides you with the full range of combined functionality that you expected from both a WYSIWYG publishing application and an XML Editor.

UltraXML provides a number of ways to author and edit your XML/SGML data. You can easily key input into the WYSIWYG window to edit existing XML text. The true extent of the authoring and editing functionality of UltraXML is realized by the availability or "real time" authoring. This is achieved by linking, the WYSIWYG editing area to the Code Editor.

UltraXML provides context sensitive help. For instance, based on the active DTD, the right click menu will suggest what element should be inserted at the cursor position next.

UltraXML:ATA Edition enables instant formatting of your CMM ATA iSpec 2200 documents and conforms to version 6.1 of the ATA CMM DTD. The inbuilt stylesheet can be applied to your native ATA SGML or XML data giving strict conformance to the ATA specifications.

UltraXML has full support for revisions 1.6 to 4.0 of the S1000D data modules including:

  • Descriptive
  • Procedural
  • Crew/operator
  • Fault information
  • Maintenance planning
  • Illustrated parts data
  • Process
  • Wiring data

CGM level 4 vector graphics are optionally supported. UltraXML converts CGM graphics into EPS vector format at loading time in order to give perfect output quality.

UltraXML:ATA Edition supports CGM including ATA level CGM vector graphics. Intelligent CGM or hot spotted graphics are supported so that embedded links in the CGM images seamlessly flow through to the final production PDF output.

UltraXML has comprehensive Unicode support, not just import/export UTF-8 and UTF-16, but also supporting languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese and Indic languages, the support for these languages is done at OS level by implementing Uniscribe and full support for Opentype including hyphenation and justification (line break depends on the language and not just space between words).

Full colour separation and spot colour separation are supported in UltraXML with the built in PostScript driver. UltraXML has a generic colour system that allows for any colour palette to be added and used including Pantone.

Every action and setting including formatting in UltraXML can be controlled via a macro. UltraXML also has a scripting language which can be used to combine these macros into functions. UltraXML currently supports DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) so third party programs can send macros to UltraXML using a simple DDE call from C++ or Visual Basic programs. DDE can also be used to query the state of the system by asking for the value of script variables.

UltraXML can work in batch mode by setting up scripts as mentioned above for your specific job. It is also possible to run a script automatically on opening an UltraXML document. (Autoexec) UltraXML can also be started and a document opens by the command line.

It is possible to run UltraXML in server mode by writing a small module to handle the client requests and then issue the relevant macros command through DDE or the command line to UltraXML.

UltraXML is compatible with all Windows and Windows Server platforms from Windows XP / Windows 2003 Server and above.