UltraPortal is an integrated document subscription & delivery management portal solution optimised for technical publications including S1000D and ATA iSpec 2200.

  • Full control over document delivery process including uploading and publishing
  • Isolate physical publishing sites into logical business units
  • Expressive rule set to restrict documents access across companies and customer accounts
  • Integrates with UltraCSDB for automated document delivery
  • Full reporting on subscriptions, sales and customer download data
  • Modern responsive interface to deliver the best viewing experience across multiple devices

Document Subscription & Delivery Management Portal

A document and content subscription & delivery management portal optimised for technical publications including S1000D and ATA iSpec 2200.

At A Glance

Business Units

UltraPortal allows you to define a number of Business Units that each manage document delivery independent of one another.

Document Browsing

UltraPortal makes document browsing easy for customers by providing a clean,modern interface similar to most e-commerce sites.

Subscription Management

UltraPortal allows customers to subscribe to published materials and manage all their subscriptions and renewals in one place.

Administrator Roles

UltraPortal provides the Site Admin and Business Unit Admin roles that control the whole portal and manage business units respectively.

Access Restrictions

UltraPortal allows you to restrict access to certain documents based on document attributes, file type and even customer location.

Full Reporting

UltraPortal provides administrators with a full audit trail and detailed reports of subscriptions, emails, sales and downloads data.

Detailed Features

    Administrative Control

  • Manage all details of your company including addresses, bank accounts and tax numbers.

  • Manage your company license agreement.

  • View all users that are registered within the portal including names, addresses, user roles.

  • Includes all administrative rights of a business unit administrator as standard.

  • Easy management tools to reset usernames, passwords and remove users.

  • Easily premote or demote users to the role of administrator, business administrator or customer.

  • Customize all aspects of your business units including names and addresses.

  • Customize your supported document types. Only the types you define will be available for publish.

  • Full control on how documents are presented to your customers. Group documents by type, number and other attributes.

  • Manage the portal security settings including user password strength and CAPTCHA settings.

  • Complete control over your email server used to send user emails.

  • Customize the various email templates used to send user emails including subscription updates, new document versions and more.

  • Customize the various aspects of the portal including headers, footers, terms and conditions.

  • Personalise the portal by uploading your company logo, homepage graphics and your own bookmark icon.

  • An easy to use SQL Console giving advanced users direct access to the underlying database.

    Document Access

  • Use document access rules for complete control over which documents customers can access.

  • Document access rules have expressive power to restrict documents based upon ATA number, title, document type, business unit and more.

  • Allow documents to be accessed for free or enforce that documents must first be purchased before access is allowed.

  • Assigned document price discounts to any company or customer account.

  • Restrict document access across a whole company. For even more control, you can restrict access by company location.

  • Restrict document access to individual customer accounts.

  • Control how long a subscription lasts for each document. Additionally, a subscription can be made to never expire.

  • Complete control over whether documents can only be viewed inside the browser, or can be additionally downloaded.

  • Place export restrictions on a group of documents such that only customers in certain countries can access them.

  • Override conflicting access rules by the use of an 'important' flag.


  • Generate complete reports listing all user downloads, paid orders, subscriptions and emails.

  • Reports can be fine tuned to generate data for each business unit.

  • Filter by month, year and host of additional attributes for even more control.

  • A complete audit trail is is generated for all actions taken by administrators, business administators and users.

  • Export to a host of data formats including pdf, xls, xlsx, mht, html, rtf, txt and csv.

  • Export reports as full color images.

  • An easy to use WYSIWYG report viewer with full search and printing tools.

    Business Unit Management

  • Separate physical publishing sites into logical business units.

  • Assign business administrators to manage all document handling at each particular business unit. Business administrators can manage multiple business units.

  • View full statistics of your business unit including document count, subscription count and total sales revenue.

  • Business administrators can customize their business unit including name and address.

  • Manage the companies and locations of customers. Customers are assigned to a specific company and location for easy searching.

  • See all users that are requesting access to documents that business unit publishes.

  • Approve or deny customer requests for access to your published documents. Change any access status at any time.

  • View information about customers assigned to your business unit including account details and addresses.

  • Business unit administrators can modify the account details of any of their customers at any time.

  • Customize the look and feel of emails sent out to customers that have subscribed to documents published by your business unit.

  • View all published documents that have been purchased by customers.

  • Generate downloads, sales and subscription reports specific to your business unit.

  • Verify or cancel all payments that been made using a wire transfers.

    Customer Usability

  • Manage customer profile information including names and addresses. Customers can reset their username and password at any time.

  • Request access to additional business units to gain access to more published material.

  • Customers can only view and search for documents that they have been granted access to by business administrators.

  • Search for documents by type, ATA number, title, or any custom attribute a document may contain.

  • View all of your active and expired document subscriptions. Expired subscriptions can be renewed easily within the portal.

  • Options to download individual documents or download a whole set of applicable documents as a zip archive.

  • View restricted documents online in your browser using the 'online-only' document viewer.

  • Purchase documents quickly and easily by adding them to your shopping cart and entering your payment details at checkout.

  • Purchase documents securely using the built-in WorldPay payment system or send a wire transfer.

  • Generate invoices for all your purchase orders.

    Document Handling

  • Upload documents in common formats including pdf, xml and and zip.

  • Enter document attributes including ATA number, title, description, revision number and revision date.

  • Add any number of custom document attributes including aircraft numbers, part numbers, associated models and more.

  • Filter all your published documents by attributes. Documents can be edited or deleted at any time.

  • Documents can be specified as either parents or children. Parent documents can additional assign child documents that are also applicable to the parent.

  • Set a standard purchase price for documents and a renewal price that shows how much the document costs upon renewing a subscription.

  • Set viewing and distribution restrictions on documents. Business unit administrators can set some documents as publically available and some that require a customer account to access.

  • Place export restrictions on your documents such that only customers in certain countries can access them.

  • Customers can be automatically alerted by email whenever a document revision has changed.


  • Requires Microsoft .NET 4.5 or above.
  • Requires Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 or above.
  • Compatible with Windows 2008 Server or above.
  • Minimum 4 logical processors, 8 logical processors recommended
  • 8GB RAM recommended.
  • Recommended 100Gb disk space (installation and temp working space).
  • Recommended 500Gb to 1Tb asset disk storage space (as required).
  • SQL Server 2008 or above required.