ATA iSpec 2200 AMM Stylesheet

UltraXML ATA iSpec 2200 stylesheet supports the authoring, formatting and publishing requirements specified by the ATA iSpec 2200 Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) DTDs.

UltraXML supports the requirements of the Airbus A340 & A380 SGML business rules which can be easily modified to support any Aircraft and or Component Manufacture requirements without having to use any programming requirements.

UltraXML support all elements of information needed to identify the AMM document. These elements are:

Title The manufacturer's title for the publication
Equipment Part Number(s) Complete list of equipment(s) part numbers covered by the manual
Supplier CAGE Code
Manufacturer CAGE code
ATA Number ATA chapter, section, subject number of manual
Original Issue Date Date of the first manual issue
Revision date Date of current revision
Revision number Revision number of current manual
Document Number Manufacturer's internal document number used to identify the manual
Change Revision Start/Revision End identification
Preliminary A flag to identify preliminary versus released data
Change Description Short narrative describing the revision

Page Numbering

Relative Page numbering (e.g. from "pgblknbr" numbers) as well as figure numbering relative to "pgblknbr" attribute is fully automatic. The relative numbering scheme is used throughout the AMM document including the footer page number, list of effective pages and table of contents.

Warnings and cautions

UltraXML Stylesheet automatically applies the required typesetting and typographical settings to Warnings and Cautions.


The stylesheet can easily be changed by the user to support cross references in different ways such as always displaying the Maintenance Task Oriented Support System (MTOSS) codes, displaying the name of the referred to section or displaying the text within the refint element. (Maintenance Task Oriented Support System) Codes

Automatic Generation of Information

UltraXML AMM stylesheet has the ability to automatically generate the following information from the document instance (titles, numbered pageblocks, tasks, sub task level etc.):

  • Table of Contents
  • List of tables
  • List of figures
  • List of effective pages
  • Cover/title information
  • Highlights
  • Effect Codes
  • Service Bulletins
  • Index


UltraXML stylesheet supports ATA level CGM vector graphics. Intelligent CGM or hot spotted graphics are supported so that embedded links in the CGM images seamlessly flow through to the final production PDF output.


Effectivity used within the document will be:

  • Service bulletin number
  • Customer oriented change