ASD S1000D Stylesheet

WebX has developed a generic S1000D Stylesheet for UltraXML that supports all Data Modules of S1000D Issues 1.8 - 5.0. The stylesheet enables the automatic formatting and publishing of the single source XML Publication Module generated from S1000D Data Modules using WebX UltraCSDB into an interactive S1000D PDF and hardcopy.

    Included in the S1000D Stylesheet

  • S1000D PDF/hard copy output is guaranteed 100% compliant with the S1000D specification.

  • Instant and simple modification of the business rules from within UltraXML, no need to contact a 3rd party or create external code and compile. Create formatting snapshots or export a single XSLT for business rules storage and archiving.

  • Handles all S1000D Data Module types up to issue 5.0.

  • Bookmarks and interactive hyperlinks are carried through to the PDF.

  • Handles all illustration types, including JPG & TIFF images and CGM & SVG vector graphics

  • Complete table formatting with table over pages and repeated headers.

  • Automatic header and footer formatting, conforming to the S1000D specification.

  • Automatic front matter insertion, e.g. Amendment record table.

  • Automatic numbering for chapters, figures, tables and paragraphs.

  • Formatting of cross references.

  • Automatic Table of contents, including Chapter lists, Para number index, Figure index, Table index with automatic page, figure, table and Para numbering.

  • Intelligent keep with next and widow and orphan control for automatic pagination.

  • Complete illustrated parts data tables formatting with configurable page sizes for left hand page IPD figures.

  • Last minute WYSIWYG authoring / editing / manual pagination possible.