UltraAuthor™ is a full-featured XML technical authoring editor, optimized for creating well-formed and valid S1000D data modules and ATA iSpec 2200 tasks.

  • Reads project BREX for business rules authoring assistance and validation.

  • Insert project figures and multimedia objects from UltraCSDB Server.
  • Insert references to external data modules and fragments.
  • Insert S1000D (CIR/TIR) information repository references.
  • Insert project library applicability expressions and references.

  • Simplified Technical English checking.

  • Integrated spelling dictionaries.

Integrated Authoring

UltraAuthor provides streamlined authoring of S1000D data modules and ATA iSpec 2200 tasks and fully complies with both the specification schemas and the project business rules.

Multiple Specifications Supported

  • Integrated ASD S1000D

    UltraAuthor XML editor has built-in support for fast and efficient WYSIWYG authoring of S1000D Data Modules with real-time validation against S1000D issues 1.8 - 5.0 DTDs/Schemas and BREX / Schematron business rules.

  • Integrated ATA iSpec 2200

    UltraAuthor XML editor has built-in support for fast and efficient WYSIWYG authoring of ATA iSpec 2200 tasks for AMM, CMM, SB etc. with real-time validation against ATA iSpec DTDs and Schematron business rules.

  • Integrated Shipdex

    UltraAuthor XML editor has built-in support for fast and efficient WYSIWYG authoring of S1000D Data Modules in accordance with Shipdex business rules with real-time validation against S1000D issues 2.3 DTDs and BREX as specified by the Shipdex Standard.

Detailed Features

    Code View

  • Automatic and interactive validation, well-formed checking and business rules checking. Errors are highlighted in the code whilst authoring.

  • Reference management for S1000D and ATA iSpec 2200, suggests XML and IDs to use for referencing other parts of the document without having to search for them manually.

  • Context-sensitive drop down menus allow quick access to a variety of editing and authoring features such as Surround Element, Split, Join, Duplicate XML and Fill Element.

  • Intellisense and code completion for fast keyboard tag entry.

  • Automatic indentation reformats your XML code by indenting opening and closing element tags so that the layout reflects the structure of the document.

  • Snippets for fast entry of common S1000D or ATA iSpec 2200 code structures. For example, type the word table and press TAB to insert a CALS table or type w + TAB to insert a warning structure. Editable fields in the snippet structure can then be tabbed through.

  • Lists all allowed attributes and attribute suggestions for the current element according to the schema.

  • Line numbering and Go To Line allow for easy navigation and correlation to schema error messages.

  • Source code folding lets you expand and collapse portions of your XML, taking advantage of the hierarchical structure of XML to present your document in a neat and orderly manner.

  • Text mode protects tag names from being accidentally modified or deleted.Find and replace with regular expressions support, bookmarks highlighting of results and search results lists. Find and list all references of selected text.

  • Automated line modification tracking.

  • Split code views.

  • Customizable syntax colour coding.

    WYSIWYG View

  • Easy to read WYSIWYG reflow view, updates as you type and scrolls to current code position.

  • Clicking in the WYSIWYG view positions the cursor to the corresponding XML attribute or text location.

  • Uses standard XSLT + XML to HTML transformations.

  • No plug-in or ActiveX controls required for rendering of CGM, SVG or video.

  • Support for inline 3D models and third party Active-X controls.

  • S1000D and ATA iSpec 2200 plug-ins currently available and supplied with the product.

    Add-Ins and API

  • Extend the user interface with custom functions and scripts. The UltraAuthor? API gives complete access to the XML model, code editor, transformation engine and to UltraCSDB Server, enabling any custom dialogs and scripts to be added by a third party.

  • Define your own attribute suggestion rules.

  • Add-in scripts included for S1000D and ATA 2200 including functions such as generate table of references for S1000D data modules and an ATA 2200 standard table library.

  • Add support for custom schemas.

    Business Rules Checking

  • Layered S1000D BREX validation. Integrates with UltraCSDB Server to use the current specification BREX and all referenced BREX data modules.

  • Schematron support. Uses ISO standard Schematron to validate XML to user defined business rules in addition to the schema.

    Form Tree View

  • Full XML Tree view with attributes and text displayed in an easy to read form style view.

  • XML Tree dynamically follows your current location in the XML to allow easy editing of attributes in the form.

  • Options to show all or only required attributes in addition to the used attributes.

  • Optional grouping of attribute headers in the form view for an easy to read overview of your document.

  • Highlighting of all attributes required by the schema.

  • Drop down list of allowed attribute values when right clicking on an attribute in the form.

  • Easily duplicate any tree node.

  • Synchronized editing of tree text and code view.

    Schema Support

  • Easy to read hierarchy tree view of the schema illustrates sequences, choices, number of allowed uses and list of attributes. Required attributes are highlighted.

  • Schema tree follows the current location, advising you which elements and attributes can be inserted.

  • Generate sample skeleton XML for any element or the complete schema.

  • Easy insertion of elements with attributes into the XML from the schema tree.

  • Automatic Schema generation. A complete schema can be automatically created from sample XML files.

  • Editing of schema definition with instant updating of the schema tree from changes made.

  • Complete automatic validation and integrated error highlighting with popups in the code view.

    Integration with UltraCSDB Server

  • Automatically connects directly to UltraCSDB Server when opened from UltraCSDB.

  • Reads all project settings and values to assist with authoring data that complies with the current project business rules.

  • Quickly insert figures from the current project on the server with integrated thumbnail preview.

  • Insert references to external data modules or items in the current project.

  • Insert applicability annotations or references from the project applicability library.

  • Insert repository item references from the project Information Repository library (TIR / CIR).

    Review and Proofing

  • Integrates directly with Simplified Technical English checkers with live colour coded compliance error highlighting.

  • Integrated Spell Checking with underlining of errors.

  • Integrated Thesaurus.

    Conversion from Microsoft Word

  • Paste tables from Microsoft Word directly into Author for automatic conversion into S1000D/ATA CALS table format.

  • Paste text and lists from Microsoft Word directly into Author for automatic intelligent conversion.


UltraAuthor is compatible with all Windows platforms from Windows XP and above. Microsoft .NET 4.0 or above is required.