UltraIPC Interface plug-in for UltraCSDB is an easy to use parts catalog manager for S1000D that makes the complex task of building and managing Illustrated Parts Catalogs simple and efficient.

Authoring and managing complex Illustrated Parts Catalogs is one of the most difficult and costly technical publication processes, often considered a separate skill set. UltraIPC greatly streamlines and enhances productivity for creating and managing Illustrated Parts Catalogs and IPD Data Modules.

The UltraIPC add-on for UltraCSDB seamlessly integrates within the existing UltraCSDB client interface providing an intuitive and easy to use parts creation and management system. Parts information is created and stored in the central UltraCSDB database enabling project collaboration with access controlled through project user roles.


UltraIPC enables importing of parts list data from multiple sources, including:

  • The material management standard S2000M.

  • Excel templates.

  • Existing or externally supplied S1000D Data Modules and ATA iSpec 2200 data.

Manage & Edit

UltraIPC makes managing parts list data a breeze.

  • Efficiently update and manage multiple parts catalogs within the intuitive UltraCSDB environment across multiple projects.

  • Search, sort and report on your project parts list data.

  • Easily update and edit parts information.

  • Create new parts information with extensive details including item locations, part relations, change reasons, prices, vendor details etc.

  • Automatic management of Catalog Sequence Numbers.

  • Data Module Codes (DMC) and Information Control Numbers (ICN) are assigned to parts lists and figures.

  • Vendor management and referencing through cage codes.

  • Assign effectivity to items in order to quickly and easily find information valid for a particular tail or set of tail numbers.

Build & Review

UltraIPC creates parts catalog data in the formats that you need.

  • Effortlessly create complex S1000D Illustrated Parts Data (IPD) Data Modules. UltraIPC automatically builds compliant S1000D IPD Data Modules to the required S1000D Issue specification, exporting to either SGML or XML formats.

  • Create Illustrated Parts Data Modules that can adapt to customer specific variants through specification and project compliant applicability and effectivity metadata injection.

  • Creates S1000D Parts Common Information Repository (CIR) Data Modules from parts information with total accuracy.

  • Automatically created Data Modules become part of your defined workflow for review.

Track & Update

UltraIPC puts you in control of changes.

  • Tracks changes to your parts catalog database over time.

  • Storage of change reasons.

  • Automatically create change drivers for your CSDB projects containing the list of affected Data Module changes with automatic changes to be applied only after approval.


UltraIPC is suitable for all project types.

  • UltraIPC is designed to be configurable for management of any parts catalog types for industries from aircraft manufacturing to defense equipment.


UltraIPC integrates with external systems.

  • The UltraCSDB Server API allows for integration of UltraIPC with PLM and PDM parts systems.